Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cannot Send Text Message from iPhone/iPad? Here Are The Fixes

Cannot Send Text Message from iPhone/iPad? Here Are The Fixes

Apple's iOS doesn't often run into serious problems. Most of the times the issues are small but at the same time irritating. One of such glitch is found that some users can't send a regular text message from the iPhone or iPad.

I am pretty sure you would have done the basic troubleshooting like checking the network connection. Even if basic troubleshooting has resulted in nothing, then you have landed on the right page. Just check the list of fixes given here and try them one by one.

Reboot Your iPhone

Let's keep things simple in the beginning. Try restarting your iPhone and then give it a try by sending a text message to anyone. Most of the time software glitches are resolved by simply restarting. If this hasn't solved the problem, then don't worry, we have other fixes as well.

Delete Old Messages

Try deleting old messages from your iPhone. This might sound ridiculous, but garbage of old messages can be the culprit. So give it a try by going to Messages app Edit Select all the messages and then tap on Delete from the bottom right corner.

Toggle On Send as SMS

Before going through the hard way, make sure you have toggled on Messages under Settings. To check that, go to SettingsMessages Toggle ON "Send as SMS". A restart might be required, so better do that and check if you are able to send the text message.

Remove Country Code from Number

Few users over the forum have mentioned that they were able to send text messages after they removed the country code from the number they were trying to send a message. So it's better to give that a try as well, this might help.

Toggle Off Text Message Forwarding

If you have enabled Text Message Forwarding on your iPhone, then that could be creating a problem. Try turning it off by going to SettingsMessagesTextMessageForwardingToggleOFFTextMessageForwarding of all the listed device. After doing that, restart your iPhone and try sending a message.

Reset Network Settings

Sending a text message is related to network and any issue in network settings can be troubling the issue on the subject. Try resetting network settings on your iPhone by going to SettingsGeneralResetResetNetworkSettings.

This will restart your iPhone, wait till it loads and then, try sending the message. If it doesn't work, keep reading below.

Use Data Only for LTE/Mobile Data

If your iPhone supports LTE or VoLTE, then they might be creating the problem. That's because not every area is capable of delivering LTE signal. It's better to turn it OFF or use Data Only. To do so, go to Settings Cellular/Mobile Data LTE Data only OR turn it Off. It's not mandatory, but try rebooting your iPhone and then check if you are able to send a message.

Restore Your iDevice

The most irritating thing is to restore your iPhone. That is because you will lose the data you saved after making that particular backup. Anyways, when things don't work as intended, it's better to take the tough route. Give it a try by restoring your iPhone from the backup when you were able to send text messages perfectly. This should have definitely solved the issue.

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